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Ill Feeling

Dan Jamieson is a member of the fire and light that collide as d,d,&the down. He sits behind the drums and belts blues. The whole shebang is a furious glorious mess I can’t get enough of. Case in question – Nike Running Shoe Blues. If you click the button above though, you’ll hear him talking […]

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Anger in Citrus

Sometime it’s better to start in reverse order. The sky down vs ground up approach. Jean Homnqula crossed my path in sunny Montréal four summers ago. ‘Pillowy’ is his unlikely glimmer, an elegiac tumble from the pissed-up stars to hallway of hope, broken on the elevator floor. Grab Stella Mortos Volume One now. <center></center>

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Stella Mortos Volume One

Stella Mortos Volume I by Stella Mortos I never thought I’d reach five releases. Running a record label out of a filling cabinet in your bedroom has ups and downs; the downs usually relate to admin related boredom tasks that after a while stop being boring and take on a giddy monotony of their own. […]

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Murder Mile Sunshine

I live with the Marbles Jackson.Their lush songs seep through the walls day and night. Gauzy, textured songs; every one of them is a grower, will pass direct into your psyche. The percussion is taut and languid, harmonies tumble through the air like summer rain. Their track, Murder Mile Sunshine, features below. You can catch […]

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Vidéo Triple Whammy: Toby Gale, Wildeflower & FOE

This week has hurtled by in fine fashion with the release of three videos by Stella Mortos affiliates. Let’s get deep and cinematic on the trio of clips put out by FOE, Wildeflower & Toby Gale. In reverse. Toby Gale is a smooth operator with a penchant for the off-kilter. This debut video by the […]

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